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Selection news for weekend July 6th and 7th


 Carlisle Ist XI v Cockermouth (H), Saturday July 6th, Cumbria Cricket League Premier

Meet Edensidse 11.45am.

1. M Slack - professional

2. B Davidson

3. M Brown - capt.

4. J Davidson

5. A Raybould

6. J Dawson

7. J Lythgoe

8. S McAlindon

9. F Conn

10. H Walker

11. C Manchester - wk

Carlisle 2nd XI v Temple Sowerby (A) Saturday July 6th, Eden Valley Premier

Meet Edenside 12.15.

1. E Mitchell

2. J Oultram

3. J Whinn

4. L Plackett

5. M Trickett

6. O Bradley - capt

7. A Trickett

8. T Reay

9. P Frazer

10. J Bell

11. L Westmorland

Carlisle 3rd XI v Stainton (H), Sunday July 7th, Eden Valley First Division 

Meet Edenside 1pm

1. N McStay

2. C Westmorland

3. C Hayes

4. P Muldoon - wk

5. J McAlindon

6. C Walker

7. P Wittred

8. W Bell - capt

9. J Westgarth

10. A Tiffen

11. S Barker

Carlisle Academy v Langholm (A), Sunday July 7th, Eden Valley Sunday League

Meet Edenside 12.15pm

1. M Butcher

2. Z du Plessis

3. T Reeves

4. C Currie

5. W Teasdale

6. J McLinden

7. H Tiffen

8. J Brown

9. M Tiffen

10. M Smith

11. L Graham

Firsts fall to first defeat of 2019 league season
Selection latest for June 29th and 30th


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Friday, 01 July 2022

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