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Carlisle Cricket Club History

Cricket at Carlisle can be traced back to as far as 1828 when the Carlisle Patriot newspaper reported on a match in which Carlisle had beaten Cockermouth.

Since those days there have been many eventful matches and momentous events including a visit during the First World War by His Majesty King George V and Queen Mary to Edenside on 17th May 1917 where His Majesty inspected the 1st Battalion of the Cumberland Volunteer Regiment…1,200 strong!

Among some of the largest crowd pulling matches were the three touring teams which played at Edenside in the 1950s – the West Indies in 1950 and 1957 as well as the South Africans in 1955, on each occasion Cumberland and Westmorland were the opposition.

The 1950 West Indies team included Clive Walcott and Alf Valentine, whilst their 1957 side had Rohan Kanhai, Garfield Sobers and Wes Hall in their ranks.

In more recent years our biggest battle has been against the elements, in January 2005 the playing area and the pavilion at Edenside were flooded to a depth of several feet when the City of Carlisle suffered catastrophic flooding – the worst for 200 years.

Since then we have experienced further flooding in 2006 and more recently our worst yet when the water levels just about reached the pavilion roof!

Each time though we have rebuilt, reinstated and pulled together to get our facilities ready and on the front foot for the start of the following season.. providing a sporting and coaching facility for the youth of Carlisle and surrounding areas to come and have fun.

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